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We are the leading security company in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in a wide range of security systems and solutions for residential, commercial and government sectors in Los Angeles. We are known best for a unique and specialized development of electronic and physical security systems solutions. Our security solutions include and not limited to Security Cameras, CCTV, Security Camera Installation Los Angeles CA, Access Control Los Angeles CA and many other services. Whether you looking for a simple security solution or want a complex installation in multiple buildings, we have the capability, technology, and human capital to meet your needs. We also provide Audio Video Installation Los Angeles

As one of the industry leaders in the design, integration, implementation, installation and maintenance of security systems, we are very proud to provide customized security solutions to our customers, both big and small, and across the divide of industries. Our team of experts will conduct an onsite consultation, and create a custom plan to help protect your premises. We work directly and closely with the building and business owners, property management firms, general contractors, architects, IT professionals, and interior designers. Contact us today to begin walking the secure journey together.

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360 oLos Angeles Security Cameras

Video Surveillance Los Angeles

Dome Turret Camera System


4 Channel 2MP HD Dome Turret Camera System - Security Camera Installation Los Angeles

Hybrid+ technology supports analog, HD-TVI and IP cameras for complete Flexibility
  • 2.0 MP IP turret security cameras, white
  • 2.8 mm lens; 108° FOV
  • Records up to 1080p HD video @ 30fps
  • Supports latest compression tech: H.265+
  • Comes with 2TB hard drive and free mobile app

HD Bullet Security Cameras


2MP HD Bullet Security Camera - Los Angeles

Unique Hybrid+ technology supports analog and HD-TVI cameras, plus IP for complete Flexibility
  • 2.0MP HD-TVI bullet security cameras, white
  • 2.8mm lens; 103.0° FOV
  • 1080p HD video @ 30fps
  • DVR supports CIF/D1/960H/720p/1080p resolutions
  • True Day/Night (ICR)

LPR Cameras


LPR Bullet Camera - 4MP Resolution - Los Angeles

Licenses Plate Recognition IP Cameras with latest video compression technology enhanced clarity and storage
  • 4.0 MP resolution HD video @ 20 fps
  • 2560 x 1440 @ 30 fps
  • 2.8 mm lens offers 97° field of view
  • Supports H.265+/H.265/H.264OVC/H.264/MJPEG
  • Low-Light 0.01 Lux rating

Security Camera - License Plate Camera Los Angeles CA

Video Surveillance - Los Angeles CA

We are a full service security integration company in Los Angeles. We specialize in professional installation, servicing and maintaining everything we install. We do not use subcontractors in our security systems. Our thousands of customers recognize the fact that we are passionate about giving the greatest level of security systems and unmatched customer service support. As access control and CCTV security systems company, our customers depend on our modern SMART security systems to protect their investments.

Using up-to-date technology, we install security cameras like; Closed circuit CCTV Cameras, HDCVI Cameras, IP Security Cameras, HDTVI Cameras, Analog Cameras and High Definition Cameras. It is important to install video Surveillance cameras both at home and work because it will help you protect the workers and your loved ones, protect your investments, improve on your overall security system, keep vandals and thieves out, minimize theft at your business, and improve resident safety in the premises and facilities.

Los Angeles CCTV Installation

We offer a comprehensive security system and protection for your property. We use a wide range of security systems tailored to your needs, budget and requirements. We serve clients from different sectors of the economy including:

Residential Buildings: designing, planning, implementation and maintenance of advanced and simple security systems for single families, condominiums and multi-tenant buildings.

Business & Commercial: we provide stand-alone security solutions or full package systems which include visitor management access control, and entry systems for single offices, businesses, retail stores, commercial spaces and entire office building.

Property Management: We offer a full control security system with advanced customized systems including security cameras and entry systems for your property.

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities: we also offer security systems for medical facilities, hospitals, pharmacies, nurseries and staff lounges.

Educational Facilities: We also offer security systems tailored for both secondary and primary schools, colleges, main entrances, campuses, faculty sections and service areas.

Hotel & Hospitality Facilities: keep your hotel premises and guests safe with full control elevators and doors, indoor and outdoor security camera system and alarm systems.

Construction Sites: Bringing buildings up has its own security challenges. You want to secure your materials to ensure you complete the project within your budget as planned. We offer security solutions to ensure your build comes up safely

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Los Angeles Video Surveillance

Latest Devices

Hardware Never Fails!

With our outstanding warranty your system is good for the long-haul!

Always Reliable Installation

Our installations are some of the best in the industry.

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We have access to ALL the latest technology in the Surveillance world.

Security Camera Installation LA

Innovation is Our Middle Name

At our company, we fully understand the fact that there are different kinds of products and services offered by businesses in Los Angeles CA. This difference creates a room for specialized security camera installation services, which are tailored to suit a particular business’s security needs. We usually spend some time to assess the location and the nature of your business; this would help give us a better understanding of possible vulnerabilities and threats.

Security Camera Repair Los Angeles CA

Keeping Your Home & Business Safe

Based on our assessment we help you determine the number of cameras and the number of NVR’s or DVR’s you’ll need, it also helps us in placing the cameras at strategic locations in and out of the building. This assessment would also include the way we install the network cables, and the kinds of access control services we would recommend for your business.

Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Safety is our Watchword

Apps That Supports

Access your home or office from anywhere in the world with our award winning iOS and Android app

Apps That Warn

Get instant notifications on Object Detection, Object Removal, Intrusion Detection, and Motion Detection.

Technology Supports Security

Our technology we use can notify you anytime day or night.

Professional Security Camera Installation Los Angeles CA

Make Your Place Safe

This need assessment is not limited to businesses, but we also carry out need assessment for residential homes as well to also determine what best suits them based on the threat and vulnerabilities we find. We have your needs at heart, and with us, you practically have nothing to worry about. We are a one-stop solution for all your security equipment installation, maintenance and upgrade.

User Friendly Gadgets

Security Cameras Los Angeles

Hard-Wired Cameras

We DO NOT recommend using WiFi based cameras as connections or signals can drop at anytime. Each system we install is hardwired for stability.

Night Vision Cameras

Our cameras offer the best Night Vision in the industry depending on what you need. From 65ft to 300ft you choose what you want to see in total darkness.

Elite Cameras

Our elite cameras can detect heat, motion, and follow intruders, cars, or objects.

Ensure Safety in Your Surroundings

Where Caution Blends with Technology!
We have a wide variety of CCTV cameras. DVR’s, NVR ’s,
etc. which we help you choose from based on their
specifications and your budget. Our DVR’s come in two types
it could be stand alone, this means you can readily plug it into
TV screen or monitor, or it could be PC-based which would require a computer.
Video Surveillance Los Angeles

Los Angeles Video Surveillance Systems

Security Camera Systems Los Angeles LA

Video Surveillance Los Angeles has had impressive improvements in recent years, and you have hundreds of features to choose from. There are so many options that you may find it difficult choosing the right solution for your situation.

While our experts will help you choose the most suitable solutions, our products come with a variety of features including the following; when you look forward to monitoring both exterior and interior, you want to consider the level of weather resistance of the cameras. There are security cameras specially made for outdoor purposes. You also want to monitor your home or office when you are not in the premise. Go for remote video monitoring options. The modern cameras allow you to access the video feed wherever you are, remotely. Other important features you want to consider is the size of the camera, recording ability and motion detection cameras. Motion detection cameras send you an alert when the security system is triggered.

You also want to consider adjustability. Some cameras are fixed to one place, another move around, tilting or panning to scan much larger areas. You may also want to consider night vision cameras, those in position to record events even during the night. Our experts have the experience, they have installed several such systems and will give you the best suitable solution for your case.

We pride ourselves in offering high quality and professional security installations and security services. We offer the best quality security systems, ultra-modern systems, including intercoms, video Surveillance cameras, GPS tracking, access control and biometrics. Our experts will offer you the required support in providing quality and affordable home security camera solutions, commercial and industrial camera solutions, CCTV, and other security installations in Los Angeles.

With more than ten years of experience servicing thousands of buildings and homes, we are in a position to create a safer environment and home through the installation of both indoor and outdoor security CCTV solutions. We also install intercom systems and nanny cams. Our  CCTV Systems Los Angeles help real estate management firms and local businesses to reduce theft, shrinkage and vandalism while ensuring increased profits. We offer several layers of building security through our CCTV solutions.

If you looking forward to purchasing and integrating security systems and cameras from a reliable, professional, reputable and experienced firm, kindly contact our experts at Los Angeles Security Camera Installation and begin getting our professional services immediately. We are a highly rated security company. We have more than 10 years’ experience in the business. We have the licensing to work legally in Los Angeles CA. We also have an endless list of readily satisfied customers for your references. We are a one-stop-shop security firm, offering you a full package from providing the product, installing it, and maintaining it when required.

We offer security solutions in entire Los Angeles area. We have for over a decade been supplying, installing and maintaining security solutions for businesses and homes in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We have full-house security experts specializing in different security areas. They are the most knowledgeable, reliable and trained team in the industry.

Even though there are quite a number of security companies in the Los Angeles area, we can confirm that only a few will manage to match our experience and offer everything you need under one roof. We are the leading security firm in town and we have full office staff, we have our own fleet of trucks, and we are ready to tackle your security challenges. We do our work fast, meat our deadlines, work within your budget and do not compromise on quality. Most importantly, we are a local company, we already have experience working in your neighborhood. Our employees are trained and are professionals, you do not have to fear about your security or theft while our team handles your project. We are always on standby, give us a call and our experienced security professionals will pick up from there. We will listen to your case, organize for a meeting if need be, tailored for your needs, deliver, and monitor the system for best safety outcome.

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